atient Testimonials

Patient A.T. 9/20/2023

Dear Dr. Ouano,

WOW!  It was a day to remember. I had a tooth removed. Every person I spoke with were professional-kind-caring and then I met you Dr. Ouano!  You have a great team because you care about them.  Kristi stayed with me all the time we waited for my tooth to numb.  She listened to my chatter with a big heart.  The front desk was the best team I’ve ever met.   Keep up the good work.  Many people were praying for me.  God bless you all!


Patient L. 10/20/2022

Dear Dr. Youseff,

I truly appreciate your care and concern for me.  It is very rare to find a provider that is exceptional as a professional, kind, funny and able to be clinical yet personable.  I am grateful.


Patient T.S. 10/20/2022

Dear Dr. Frangos and Staff,

You are the best.  I expressed my anxiety to you prior to my procedure and told you I wanted to go to “my happy place” – My happy place as a child, was the beach.  You helped me get there by playing audio of the surf crashing into the sand.  I actually felt the calming motion of the waves.

Thank you! Thank you!


Patient T.L. 83/2022

Dear Dr. Ouano,

I want to thank you for the excellent job you did with my extraction.  In addition, thank you for your telephone call that evening to see how I was doing.  That has never happened by other doctors.  Thank you. Best Wishes.



Patient H. S. 1/14/2022

Hello Dr. Youseff,


one year ago today my daughter had life changing jaw surgery. 

We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us. 

After 5 years of living in agony, my daughter has regained her life back. She laughs, smiles, has friends and a bright future ahead of her! 

Thank you for everything, this world is so fortunate to have you in it! 

 S. S.

Patient M.G.  1/11/2022

Hello Dr. Patel, 

Take a moment to send a warm thank you to you and the entire Metrowest Oral Surgical Associates Team.  Having a tooth extracted is not something I was looking forward to. However, you and all the associates I had the pleasure of interacting with during my visit today were professional, courteous and helpful. My experience was nothing short of a world-class experience.

Kudos to your front desk for their warm patient interaction. Kudos to your office manager that noticed patients waiting to check-in and pulled a checkout staff member to help with check-in.  I was most of all blown away by the assistant that helped to set me to the operating room, took my blood pressure and kept me calm and collective with her reassuring tone and conversation. What a gem!

Together you and she put me at ease about the procedure and post-op process. Amazing! 

While I’m expecting to hold on to my remaining teeth, should the need arise I know where the best oral surgical team is in The Bay State and arguably beyond. Great job! 

Warmest regards,


Patient P.M. 9/10/2021

Dear Dr. Frangos and Staff,

It was a pleasure to meet all of you the other day.  I had a nice visit at your office and since it was my last too you removed so I guess I won’t be coming back.  But thank you for the great care I received!!



Patient J.G. 9/8/2021

Dear Dr. Ouano and staff,

I just wanted to say thank you for removing my wisdom teeth so promptly.  I understand that Metrowest Oral Surgical has a busy schedule, and the accommodations you made were very generous.  I was really nervous going in, but the combination of friendly staff and laughing gas made things easy. You guys are professional and awesome.  Will recommend.



Patient B.C. 08/22/2021

Dear Dr. Jennifer Frangos,

I am writing to express a concern which I feel must be acknowledged.  From the beginning of this year, I had a need of urgent surgical attention.  In which, months following, I had even more surgical procedures of 19 extractions. Anyone could anticipate those events with such fear, anxiety, and pain, leading to an unknown out come.  However, in contrast, all of the above was experienced with an ease of well being.  Amazing!!

The professionalism, the compassion and the procedures from all three offices are commendable.  From the initial call, to the administrative, to the surgical assistants and even to the billing department, I was treated with dignity and I was well informed.  

I wish to acknowledge your professionalism and your leadership is muchly or greatly appreciated Dr. Frangos.  It truly is visible throughout the practice; but most of all, the positive effect it had on my experience!!

Thank you!



Patient B.D. 03/29/2021

Dear Dr. John Ouano,

I wanted to take this opportunity to express how impressed I was with the service you provided to me on March 26 for the extraction of my three front teeth.  Even though we have briefly met when I accompanied my wife to a consultation with you several years ago, I have never been a patient of yours.  Dr. Pittman did extractions for me in the past.  It is never a pleasant experience (for me anyway) to have teeth pulled but your explanation of what was going to take place as the procedure progressed and your professional demeanor had a calming effect.  The ease and efficiency at which you did the extractions was quite surprising.

I also would like to mention that your habit of calling patients the day of the procedure to do a “check in” adds a nice personal touch to your services, as well as welcoming patients to call anytime if they have questions.  I found the entire staff at Metrowest Oral Surgical Associates to be extremely friendly and warm.  Don’t’ take this the wrong way but I hope I will not need your services in the future.  However, if I do,  I will be in very good hands!

Thank you,


Patient J.N. 08/21/2020

Dear Dr. Ouano,

I have done well after the little procedure to remove a tooth from my mouth.  I want to let you know that your staff was very kind and efficient.  It put me at ease because I had been unsure of how to handle the extraction.  Although I hope the need doesn’t become necessary, but if it does, I will be confident to use your services again.  Thanks also for your patience in explaining things to me so I could make a rational decision about anesthesia. 



Patient P.K. 8/6/2020

Dear Dr. Youseff,

I am writing to tell you how much I appreciated you seeing me on very short notice on Thursday August 6th for a consultation and evaluation. I have a high tolerance for pain, so for me to call to ask if I could move up my consultation on August 26th and to see if anyone at any location could take the time out of their very busy schedule shows that I reached the limit of my tolerance.  

Thankfully, you offered to see me.  After meeting you and your showing compassion for my situation, you opted to remove the tooth right there and then.  You probably even did this through your lunch time.  In this day that is very rare!  Please thank Kristi your assistant for me for keeping me from being overwhelmed and amazed that you agreed to remove my wisdom tooth.  The area around the extraction is healing nicely and I only too Motrin a couple of times that day.   My hat is off to you and your staff for accommodating me on such short notice.



Patient M.M.

I recently had all 4 wisdom teeth out, plus another tooth.  Painless experience and I highly recommend Dr. John P. Ouano, D.M.D. and his staff.  They are the best!!


Patient K.S.

Dear Doctor Ouano and Staff,

Thanks so much for such a positive experience with my son’s recent procedure.  Even with Covid, your office, staff and remarkable skills proved a very positive outcome for us!

Thank you  very much!


Patient D.

Dear Dr. Youseff,

Thank you so much for the excellent care you gave me with my recent implant procedure.  You will be my new “Go to” Implant dentist!  I think you are terrific!

Happy New Year


Patient C.K.

Dear Dr. Ouano,

Thank you for taking care of my wisdom teeth extraction.  I appreciate your patience and help!

Thanks again,


Patient MET

Dear Dr. Youseff,

I wanted to thank you for your patience and kindness.  You are a very wonderful compassionate person and surgeon.  I have a lot of respect for you and the kindness you have shown to me.  You are the best oral surgeon. 



Patient GO

Dear Dr. Pittman,

Thank you so much for the courtesy and concern you and your staff had for my husband and myself during his reaction to the tooth extraction on Friday June 28, 2019.  Your professionalism and care was extremely appreciated during this most stressful time as well as the follow up phone calls.  That in itself speaks for your professionalism.  All is well and thank you again for everything you did.



Patient BW

Dear Dr. Youseff, 

Thank you for taking care of my tooth problem yesterday.  You are a wonderful caring doctor.  I did not even know that you took the tooth our.  Wonderful!  I feel much better today and hardly any bleeding.  Your nurses were so kind and thoughtful also.  Thank them for me.  



Patient: EP

Dear Dr. Ouano & Staff:

That was the best tooth removal ever!  No more pain and so quick!  I had anticipated all week about my tooth and what a surprise. You are an excellent surgeon and excuse the expression “Tooth Puller”  Your staff is so warm and caring every step of the way.  The patient feels very relaxed.  I will say a thank you to them.  They are a wonderful to the doctor staff.  

Thank you


Patient: K&D

Dear Dr. Youseff:
Words can not express my gratitude to you + your warm wonderful staff. The great thing is I am able to not only drink
but eat ! And be Merry because of you !
With our love and gratitude…
K & D

Patient A.L.

Dear Dr. Ouano,

Thank you so much for the excellent and over and above service I received.  Your office staff is simply amazing.  They are kind, considerate and went out of their way to alleviate what was a very stressful situation.  I can not thank you enough for all of the help and kindness you showed me!



Patient: K.L.

Dear Dr. Ouano,

Thank you so much for all that you have done for me over the years.  You removed the teeth that allowed me to straighten my smile as well as my problematic wisdom teeth.  My recovery was smooth and with minimal pain which I am grateful for.  I would just like to thank you again for the care that you given me, it really means a lot.


Patient: T.K.

Dear John,

Thank you for taking such good care of me with my tooth extraction on Friday.  You and your staff were wonderful.  I very much appreciated it.


Patient: R.C.

Dr. Ouano,

I wanted to thank you for you Kindness to T with his wisdom teeth removal.  I appreciate your generosity during this difficult time.  It was very thoughtful.

Warm regards,


Patient: K.F.

Dr. Ouano,

Thank you so much for all of the help in fixing my mouth.  I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.  My smile is how I always dreamed it would be and it’s all thanks to you!  Although I hope we meet again in the future,  I hope its not under the same circumstances!  Ha Ha! Thanks again for all your hard work!


Patient: S. M

 Dr. Ouano,

Just wanted to say Thank you very much for doing my Root Job.  You and your staff are extremely professional as well as very warm!!!

Thanks again!


Patient: D.G.

Dear Dr. Pittman & Staff,

Thank you for a wonderful, calming experience I had the other day.  I never thought I would step in a Dentist office again.  You have put back a sense of peace for me.  Now to get the rest of the work done.  Again I say Thank you!



Patient: S Family

Dear Dr. Youseff,

We are so grateful for you expert care of B.S.  Thank you for making the “house call”.  I can’t believe you put those teeth back in place! 

Thanks again!

The S. Family

Dear Dr. Youseff,

A thank-you to let you know how very much your thoughtfulness meant!



Dear Dr. Youseff,

On May 2, 2017 you extracted three teeth from my mouth almost painlessly.  And you also took the time to call and ask how I was doing.  I want to thank  you for  your services and your inquiry following the extractions!  You get an A+ in my book (along with your staff!)

Thank  you,


Dear Dr. Youseff,
Thank you for your professional care during my wisdom teeth extraction on Nov 3rd. You and your staff made the experience pleasant and helped me feel like I was in good hands. And I appreciate your follow up call later that day.
I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your family.

Apex Dental, Northborough 

Dear Dr. Youseff + Assistants
Thank you so much for volunteering your time this Saturday at our dentistry from the heart event. We were able to provide free dentistry to those in need. We truly couldn’t have done this with out you
Many thanks,
Dr. Robert Gauthier + Apex Dental Team

Patient E.M
Thank you so much Dr. Pittman for extracting my 3rd molars for me. I did not even feel the injections !
I’m keeping my teeth and showing them off at school.
Thanks again,

Quinsigamond Community College Student

Dear Dr. Youseff,
We want to thank you for all that you have done for us. We had such a great experience having you come to QCC to lecture. We learned so much from your experience.
With greatest regards,
The Class of 2017